Our selected wines...

Whether locally in Valais or in Bergerac, our intimate knowledge of the wines provides you with the best wine experience..

Our Valais wines :- Petite Arvine, Fendant, Gamay, Humagne, Johannisberg, Pinot Noir,...

The vineyards of Valais account for a third of the total wine-production in Switzerland, extending over 100 km along the river Rhone. Protected by the barrier of the Alps, the canton of Valais has by far the driest climate of all of the Swiss wine-producing regions.

Our French wines :- Bergerac Wines

Adjacent to Bordeaux, with historic wine ties to the UK since 1154 (The Queen of England is still the "Dame of Bergerac"), we present prize-winning wines including the famous Monbazillac, Pecharmant and Montravel.

Our Champagne :- Jean Marniquet 1er Cru

Jean Marniquet, a pioneer aviator and friend of Bleriot and St Exupery, founded his champagne house in the 1920's. St Exupery's family now own Chateau Tiregand, with its excellent Pecharmant wines in Bergerac. A full circle!!
Put our gold-bottled champagne on your table and impress your friends..

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